In this global and extremely busy sector, as a maritime professional, you’ll want to keep up with the news and ideas in your sector. I’ve worked in maritime and logistics since 2013 and have seen significant change in the industry. Globalisation, economic and technological change...

When I’m interviewing candidates for my jobs, I’m always keen to understand how they stay current whilst also holding down busy logistics, freight fowarding, supply chain jobs, and often working unsociable working hours.

Podcasts are great for those who travel and work long hours, but need to stay connected to the world.

There are 100s of podcasts related to Maritime. From Maritime History, to Maritime Traffic, Business News, Maritime Careers… and also Pirates! I’ve spoken to my clients and candidates and these 3 podcasts were a common listen.

3 Podcasts for Maritime and Logistics Professionals

The Shipping Podcast - The Voice from the Maritime Industry

It’s the people within the industry that makes this world so interesting. They are maritime professionals, have strong characters and usually an interesting background. Their jobs are often very cool.

Listen to them in the Shipping Podcast and keep up to date with shipping industry, or get some new insights about an industry in the middle of a new paradigm.

The Women Offshore Podcast is a great listen!

In each episode, the founder of Women Offshore, Ally Cedeno, interviews women who work or have worked on the water, and the topics that affect them. You will be inspired by these stories as you learn about different careers. Women around the world are making waves on the Women Offshore Podcast.

Lloyd’s List – A Complete View of the Shipping Industry

What started life in 1734 as a notice pinned to a coffee shop wall in London is now the shipping industry’s most sophisticated source of online news, analysis and insight. Episodes such as “How is shipping coping with coronavirus?” and “From freeports to carbon-free shipping” are focused on current affairs in maritime.

A Question for Maritime and Logistics Professionals

What do you do to stay current, whilst working in this busy and ever-changing maritime and logistics market? Any podcasts you’d recommend?

I’m always keen to connect with people in the Maritime sector. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me.